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Microcurrent + Red Light Weight Loss Program

Frequency Specific Microcurrent “body weight” program (60mins) simultaneous with LightStim red+infrared light on abdomen. Frequencies to mobilize fat and increase metabolism.

(1 hour)
$ 240.00

LightStim Facial (20 minutes)

“Take off 5 years in 20 minutes”

(Red Infrared Orange & Blue) Light Therapy.

Regular ‘a la carte’ $100, Intro/1st Visit Offer $50, “add on” same day svc $50.

Red and Infrared for wrinkles, pain & inflammation, circulation, cell recharging, mitochondrial building, and acceleration of healing.

Orange for building collagen & elastin.

Blue for acne.

Includes LightStim photomasque during session and (if elected) face serum after. (both from the makers of the Face Panel)

All 4 frequency colors run simultaneously on the face.

(30 minutes)
$ 50.00

Microcurrent Facial (20mins)

Jade Therapy, or electro massage, is our electrically assisted massage… a truly unique combination of relaxation therapy and esthetics (by your ‘Therapeutician’) that delivers multi-layered benefits. It is a physiotherapeutic ‘touchless’ (only gentle instruments) massage.Via the medium of micro-current (color-sound-gem) electricity: RESTORING VITALITY BY REMOVING PHYSICAL IMPEDIMENTS (CRYSTALS IN MUSCLES) TO THE FREE FLOW OF VITAL ENERGY. REVITALIZING THE BODY BY THE INFUSION OF FRESH ENERGY BACK INTO THE ORGANISM WITH THE USE OF HIGH FREQUENCY THERAPY.… gentle, painless, easy. Benefits of Jade Electromicromassage: RELIEVE STRESS. BODY TONING / MOVEMENT OF FAT. ENERGY BUILDING - ’RECHARGE THE (CELL) BATTERIES. ’IMPROVE CIRCULATION (BLOOD & LYMPH). SCAR REDUCTION. IMPROVE ENERGY FLOW / CENTERING… It’s “cellular massage!”
*Jade microcurrent facial always includes (white/hypo-allergenic) Aculift cream for application.

(30 minutes)
$ 70.00

NAET Initial Visit

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, an “East meets West” system of testing the autonomic nervous system to reveal energetic incompatibilities (on the physical, physiological, and emotional levels) and restoring balance to the human system. Energy blockages due to intolerances/sensitivities/allergies can be corrected and the body trained to accept, or be compatible with, the offending agent.

(1 hour)
$ 120.00

NAET Followup

(Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)
Based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at its core, an “East meets West” system for testing autonomic dysregulation and restoring energetic balance to the human system.

(45 minutes)
$ 70.00

FSM $51-450. (25min-2.5Hrs)

Frequency Specific Microcurrent.
Reteach your cells their natural healthy frequencies.
$4min Wet Towels &/or Graphite Gloves. $3 per min PEMF (Pulsed Mag Field).

FSM is an energy tool whereby specific freq’s of unfelt electrical microcurrent are transmitted/resonate through the water of the body to ‘tune’ the cells for optimal function or alleviate pain or speed the bodies natural healing ability. These may be transmitted via wet towels as well as magnets using PEMF (Pulsed Mag Field). The sessions have on-going / lasting effects.

We use programs containing groups of freq’s that run 2 freq’s at a time on a channel A and B. ChanA (example 40hz) is the condition (in this case inflammation), and chanB (ex. 116hz) is the area/system affected (ex: skin/immune syst). ChanA is performing as labeled to remove inflam. while chanB is focusing the freq to the area that needs balancing.

Also, it can increase ATP (cell energy) production by up to 500% FSM also has mental/emotional app’s such as relieving mental/emotional tension, helping trauma & balancing moods & focus, increasing sleep quality, relieving brain fog, supporting natural immune health, migraines, nerve pain, and scarring, etc.

Price varies according to program length.

50% off for Veterans and on-staff pastors*

(45 minutes)
$ 4.00

The 'Holistic Optimization' Consult (1Hr15min)

The Root Causes of our wellness imbalances… The macro and micro-view!


Wellness Mindset & Lifestyle Changes.

Thorough review of Health History.





Stress & Emotional Solutions.

Frequency Recommendations for Light &/or Microcurrent sessions.

Discuss Labs or DNA testing for customized supplementation Just. For. You!

(1 hour and 15 minutes)
$ 250.00 IconPowered by